Every one of us is on a journey, a journey of life in which we grow, change, and develop along several Dimensions-physical, occupational,socio-cultural, intellectual, emotional, environametal & spiritual. And we do so holistically, i.e., we simultaneously develop our body, mind, sense of self, and relationships with others, or some would say, our body, mind, heart (or head, heart, and hands). Our approach of holistic human development based on the mixture of ancient wisdom & modern science.


Holistic community development is a collaborative, creative process which cultivates the physical, occupational, socio-cultural, intellectual, emotional, environmental & spiritual conditions needed for the entire community to thrive. The overall goal of this project is to develop the capacities of the communities to change their own environments, starting among the children, youth and women, through programs of education, health, food & environment.

About Divya Nur

We catalyze the creation of sustainable models of essential holistic wellness in the individual and community.

Also creating platforms for the flowering of the individual and the community to their greatest potential on expressing the fundamental life force.

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