The main objective of Community Ekta is the UNITY of humankind, which is the core aim of saints & sages of all times & cultures. Humanity is One, transcending religious, racial, geographical, cultural and  ideological differences. 

SAI Community Ekta Samavesh – The main objective of SAI Ekta Samavesh is the UNITY of humankind,which was the core aim of all the saints & sages of all ages to sustain this Unity & Integrity of Humankind, Divya Nur Foundation has taken a baby step through "SAI Ekta Samavesh" under its Saath Aao Insaan Movement,the first program of this initiative was started from the holy land of Baripada,Myurbhaj Odisha.

Various type of activities organised in SAI Ekta Samavesh such as

  • Community Meet
  • Remembering different saints & sages of all times and their teachings of Unity, Love, Mutual Respect, Forgiveness and Inner peace.
  • Fun competition and entertainment program for inmates of Children's Home & Old age Home along with the members of mainstream community. Objective is to minimizing the gap between mainstream & weaker section of the community.
  • Meditation & ​Spiritual Sessions​.The objective is to know ourself better.
  • Poster Competition for children ​of all age group, theme - One Truth One World One community. The objective is to cultivate the thought of UNITY in young minds.
  • Recitation of ​holy ​scriptures. The objective is to  seek Ishwar Allah's mercy and peace for the humankind.
  • All form of Bhakti Sangeet ( Bhajan, Qawwali ,Sufi ), Objective is to nuture  devotion /bhakti in our hearts towards the One Truth One God One Ishwar One Allah.
  • Langar
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We catalyze the creation of sustainable models of essential holistic wellness in the individual and community.

Also creating platforms for the flowering of the individual and the community to their greatest potential on expressing the fundamental life force.

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